Flexibilitet för framtiden

Europeiska IT-beslutsfattare står inför en stor utmaning: hur kan de forma sin IT-infrastruktur på ett så bra sätt som möjligt för att maximera tillgången till det utbud som molnet erbjuder, samtidigt som de har flexibilitet att anpassa sig till förändrade krav? För att hjälpa våra kunder att möta denna osäkerhet gjorde vi en undersökning med 401 europeiska IT-beslutsfattare för att förstå hur de optimerar sin multicloud-modell för att vara flexibla för […]

Flexibilitet och kontroll i tider av förändring

Forma er multicloud-modell med Proact Har ni svårt att få ihop alla delar av ditt multicloud? Oroa er inte, ni är inte ensama. Vi kan hjälpa er att förverkliga era multicloud-visioner och få dem att fungera perfekt. Ladda ner vår multicloud-broschyr idag för att få mer kunskap om vad som krävs för att bli ”datadriven” och […]

Flexible for the future

European IT decision makers are tackling a major challenge: how can they architect their IT in a way to maximise access to the range and depth of choice the cloud offers, while also having the flexibility to adapt to changing demands? To help our customers face this uncertainty, we surveyed 401 European IT decision-makers to […]

Flexibility and control in times of change

Shaping your multicloud operating model with Proact Finding it hard to assemble the pieces of your multicloud? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We can help you cut through the complexity of modern IT to run multicloud operations that fit together perfectly. Download our Multicloud brochure today to understand the journey to becoming data driven and […]

Maintaining business as usual

Euan Birch, Security Operations Lead at Proact UK How are we protecting our customers at this troubling time?   It’s been an interesting turn of events. On the 12th of March 2020, I was questioned by my colleagues about the Coronavirus. The panic buying had begun, friends and family were beginning to self-isolate, all sport was […]

Cyber Scotland Week 2020

Euan Birch, Security Operations Lead at Proact UK It’s Cyber Scotland Week 2020 and what great timing as we will be hiring three new Graduate SOC Analysts! They’ll start their careers at our Security Operations Centre (SOC) here at the Maxim Eurocentral business park in Scotland, where I began in 2017. Back then I was […]

Investing in the future – Proact’s support of GCU’s SOC

Euan Birch, Security Operations Lead at Proact UK It isn’t often that I feel nervous. I’m generally very good at controlling my emotions and staying focused on the task ahead. Standing in the place where my road into cyber-security started (Glasgow Caledonian University, otherwise known as GCU), and knowing that I was now responsible for […]

Cyber warfare: Targeting national infrastructure

Euan Birch, Security Operations Lead at Proact UK The water we drink, the train we get to work, the hospital we get better in – everything from our police force, fire service, coast guard, banks and SPACE! We rely on all of these to survive day-to-day and our government knows it. That’s why they’re protected […]

What does a cyber attack really look like?


Tim Simons, UK Security Product Manager at Proact We often get asked what cyber attacks really look like and it’s often hard to answer. The reality is the motivations and methods of cyber criminals can vary dramatically. That said, it’s a lot easier to demonstrate just how simple it can be to infiltrate an organisation’s […]

Privileged access management – protecting the keys

Jason Lucas, Security Consultant at Proact UK For years organisations protected their crown jewels – their data – by building fences around assets. All new data came in via a single access point or from physical devices. However, this is no longer the case and traditional perimeters aren’t capable of doing the job. That’s why […]