Taiyo Yuden Europe GmbH

Taiyo Yuden Europe GmbH’s customers expect maximum delivery reliability and flexibility at a minimum price. To achieve this, the organisation’s IT had to meet the challenges of providing fast accessibility, representative arrangements and insight into the status of the most diverse processes at all time

Proact har tecknat ett avtal om att förvärva sepago i Tyskland för att öka sin kapacitet kring publika moln

Proact and sepago

Proacts har tecknat ett avtal om att förvärva det tyska IT-konsultföretaget sepago GmbH i syfte att öka Proacts marknadsnärvaro och expertis när det gäller att leverera IT-konsulttjänster och publik molntransformation till stora och medelstora företag. Förvärvet förväntas slutföras i början av juli. Förvärv är en viktig del av Proacts tillväxtstrategi för att bredda sina tjänster […]

Schletter Solar GmbH

Focus on value-adding processes thanks to modern IT infrastructure in the cloud With a new concept for its IT infrastructure, Schletter Solar GmbH wanted to completely outsource its previous successively grown environment and thus be able to concentrate on the processes in the company that contribute to value creation. Challenge When it comes to their […]


As a training partner, Proact enables you to successfully implement and operate Proxmox IT infrastructure solutions.


Proact works with ProLion to provide ransomware-protection for NetApp environments.


Perfectly dosed data security with Backup as a Service and Flash Storage “If our ERP system were to fail today, nothing would work. Even the high-rack warehouse would be at a standstill without IT. After a few hours, you can send the staff home. Redundancy is enormously important for us. Data security cannot be high […]