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Proact Storage Barometer:
The majority – 65 per cent – of Swedish authorities and listed companies say they have a policy on how information is to be archived. But at the same time only 22 per cent of organisations have any kind of archiving solution for digital business information. These are the findings of the Proact Storage Barometer*, which aims to find out the extent to which companies and authorities store and archive their digital information.

According to the Storage Barometer, 70 per cent of authorities and 59 per cent of listed companies have an archiving policy; that is to say, rules and guidelines on what information is to be stored, and how long for. But only 22 per cent of respondents said they have an IT-based archive solution for data such as e-mail and files.

Have you implemented any kind of IT-based archive solution, or are you planning to do so?
Total (Companies %/Authorities %)
22% (26/18) Yes
8% (-/15) Yes, to some extent
15% (13/17) We plan to implement this
53% (57/50) No
2% (4/-) Don't know

“A surprisingly large number of organisations think they have a policy, but a policy is really pretty much pointless if there is no IT support to ensure compliance with it. It is no exaggeration to say that business information is one of the most important assets to today’s companies. It must not be allowed to vanish or be distorted. The fact that so few organisations have an archiving solution in place to protect their information and ensure its availability is very worrying,” says Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact.

Furthermore, 50 per cent of organisations are of the opinion that their staff are using e-mail more and more as a separate archive for business-critical information. Almost four in ten respondents stated that their staff can find it difficult to locate a digital document that is more than five years old.

In half of the organisations polled, the IT department – and not the business managers – was expected to set up requirements and guidelines for archiving.

“This approach is risky as IT specialists are rarely aware of what information should be archived for the future. The people responsible for operations are pretty much always in a better position to make these assessments,” says Per Sedihn.

* This survey, which was carried out in November, was based on telephone interviews with 100 randomly selected authorities and listed companies in Sweden. The questions were put to heads of IT/IT managers. More than a quarter of the organisations in the survey have 500 employees or more.

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