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Proact has been selected by the innovative television production company Streamteam to deliver a new media processing solution.

Based in Ylivieska, Finland, Streamteam has enjoyed more than a decade of successful growth and specialises in sports and outdoor television productions with assignments from leading broadcasters including MTV3, Nelonen, YLE, Viasat, TotoTV, DreamWorks, Netflix and Fox. Following a merger with Werne Facilities in 2016, Streamteam is recognised as one of the largest technical TV production companies in the Nordic region.

Rapid business growth created a need for Streamteam to scale up its media processing capabilities. As existing media server hardware was nearing end-of-life, and with processing power needs steadily rising, Streamteam went in search for a new media processing solution, together with support services, that was capable of serving operations for at least five years.

Streamteam decided to go with a solution from Proact, Europe’s leading data centre and cloud provider, which includes approximately 20 physical servers, storage dedicated to Streamteam’s clients’ media processing platforms, and first level hardware support covering the full solution.

“We were looking for a cost-effective and highly reliable solution, delivered by a credible supplier and support partner we can grow into the future with. We have great confidence in Proact’s technology expertise and their offering stands out because the firm has presence in both our present and future international markets,” says Juha Salmijärvi, CIO at Streamteam.

“We take pride in providing media solutions for Streamteam that are truly mission-critical, with strict performance and availability requirements. The combination of Proact’s up-to-date solutions, our broad international presence and expertise has special appeal to organisations that are expanding into new markets. We look forward to supporting Streamteam as their needs evolve and their business grows,” says Mika Nyholm, Managing Director, Proact Finland.

Following the server deployment, Streamteam moves forward with a plan for modernising its entire media production platform, step by step. Next in turn, the storage solutions will be replaced and upgraded with state-of-the art technology.

For more information:
Jones Hasselberg, CEO and President, Proact IT Group AB, jonas.hasselberg@proact.eu
Peter Javestad, Vice President, Proact IT Group AB, tel: +46 733 56 67 22, peter.javestad@proact.eu
Mika Nyholm, Managing Director, Proact Finland Oy, +35 84 01 80 38 82, mika.nyholm@proact.fi
Danny Duggal, Head of Strategic Marketing Communications, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 566 843, danny.duggal@proact.eu

About Proact
Proact is Europe’s leading independent data centre and cloud services provider. By delivering flexible, accessible and secure IT solutions and services, we help companies and authorities reduce risk and costs, whilst increasing agility, productivity and efficiency. We’ve completed over 5,000 successful projects around the world, have more than 3,500 customers and currently manage in excess of 100 petabytes of information in the cloud. We employ over 800 people in 15 countries across Europe and North America. Founded in 1994, our parent company, Proact IT Group AB (publ), listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1999 (under the symbol PACT). For further information about Proact’s activities please visit us at www.proact.eu

About Streamteam
Streamteam Nordic Oy is a family-owned business offering technical production services for television broadcasting. Streamteam has done pioneering, innovative work in Finland to develop remote steering technology for TV production and image transmission.

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