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Archive and storage specialists Proact have built a complete Test Centre for the new Traffic Data Act, to demonstrate how the technology works in reality and to allow clients the opportunity to simulate actual operating environments.

“Traceability is a field undergoing strong growth, and the future Traffic Data Act is just one of many factors promoting that development. We anticipate selling lots of systems to a range of different industries,” says Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact.

The Proact system has been developed to manage all types of log. The centre will be used to demonstrate functional environments for CDR (Call Detail Record) transactions which will be used to trace telephone calls. The system will be used to simulate very large production environments so as to guarantee performance, uptime and traceability for millions of telephone calls.

The primary strength of the system is the fact that it is based on standard components and can handle future new requirements in respect of Internet traffic. The system archives this information using CAS (Content Addressable Storage) technology, making searches very quick while at the same time protecting the contents of the database from unauthorised access. This solution is also very cost-effective as it incorporates functions which greatly reduce the amount of information stored.

“CAS is what makes this solution really special. CAS is a fantastic technology which has not yet been given the attention it deserves. This technology is based on open standards, so helping to keep the long-term cost of the system low,” says Per Sedihn.

According to an EU directive, all operators in the member states will have to save logs of telephone calls, text messages and all e-mail. The Data Act will probably come into force on 1 January 2009. This will involve financial outlay for all Internet Service Providers and telecoms operators, which will have to construct systems to allow them to save all traffic information.

“Because this CDR solution centre has been set up, Proact has the opportunity to offer clients the chance to simulate their own environment, while at the same time benefiting from our experience and expertise in the field,” says Peter Javestad, Vice President at Proact.

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