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The National Property Board, SFV, has invested in a new archive platform in order to maintain control over the organisation’s huge information volumes and reduce its storage and backup costs. This platform has been supplied by archive and storage specialists Proact and will be implemented this spring.

The National Property Board, SFV, is responsible for managing State properties such as the Royal Palaces, the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. All in all, the organisation works with 1.6 million square metres of property and 6.5 million hectares of land – a seventh of the entire area of Sweden.

With all these properties comes extensive documentation in the form of drawings, images, video clips and so forth. This information is required for day-to-day operations and also forms a vital part of our cultural history.

“The volumes of information we handle have grown at a rate of about 100 per cent a year, and in the end we were simply unable to handle all that information using traditional storage. It was too expensive to make backups and to keep constantly buying more storage space. We needed a system that would allow us to archive any information which is not used daily but which still has to be readily accessible,” says Mats Mogren, network architect at SFV.

SFV researched a number of archiving solutions on the market and selected the Proact solution, which is based on CAStor, Caringo’s application for archiving.

“It was an easy choice. The other systems offered more or less the same functions, but were many times more expensive. CAStor is also compatible with SOX rules, so that means archived documents can be traced quickly. And extending the capacity as required, is also a straightforward task,” says Mats Mogren.

The SFV archive system has a capacity of 12 terabytes and is located in two separate geographical locations, each mirroring the other. This safeguards the data in case of problems. The platform will now be implemented during the spring, and the transfer of data from other systems will be commencing at around the same time.

“Most companies and organisations in Sweden have pressing problems with burgeoning, expensive backups, but a lot of these still think archive solutions are awkward and expensive to implement. But in actual fact the opposite is true,” says Per Sedihn, CTO of Proact IT Group.

Over the next few months, SFV will also be working together with Proact to review how SFV is to index the information in the system to make it searchable quickly and easily.

Proact is the Nordic general agent for American company Caringo. Caringo’s CAStor application has turned the archiving market on its head thanks to considerably lower archiving costs and administration which is all but eliminated.

CAStor is based on CAS, Content Addressed Storage. This is a non-proprietary, platform-independent system based entirely on open standards.

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