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Proact has been selected by Båstad Municipality in Sweden to deliver and deploy its new IT infrastructure. The core of the municipality’s data centre will be replaced by a novel solution with minimal space requirements. This will conserve energy, enhance reliability and facilitate support and daily IT operations.

When upgrading its data centre, Båstad Municipality will install an all-new hardware solution – Omnicube by Simplivity Inc., to be delivered and deployed by Proact over the coming weeks. The Omnicube saves space as well as energy. The present server platform used by Båstad is housed in a refrigerator-sized cabinet with multiple hardware products, while the Omnicube solution is contained in a single unit, barely four inches high.

”We are currently addressing two trends which move in opposite directions: The demand for processing power and storage continues to rise rapidly, while the hardware becomes ever more compact and integrated,” says Dan Mårtensson, Regional Manager with Proact. ”The net result is still that we can deliver more capable solutions in less space. Båstad’s choice attests to a breakthrough for the new generation of hyper-converged hardware, and it is clear that all leading vendors have joined in this movement.”

By switching to its new data centre equipment, Båstad will replace a number of physical servers, storage and networking units with an integrated system where all components are tuned and tested. The single Omnicube unit will run some 80 different applications that serve about 1,000 users within the municipality.

”We will reduce the energy requirements, both for powering the data centre and for cooling. We also get better performance, together with enhanced reliability and fault tolerance by duplicating all critical data centre functions,” says Robert Zackrisson, IT Operations Manager, Båstad Municipality.

For added fault tolerance, Båstad Municipality will deploy two identical Omnicube units which serve as backups to each other. At the municipality office, a new data centre has been built in a room of just 16 square meters. The second unit will be located in another building across the street.

Simplivity’s extremely compact Omnicube data centre products are based on hyperconvergence. Using this novel ”all-in-one” concept, multiple data centre functions which traditionally require separate hardware, are merged into a single unit, including servers, storage, backup and networking.

For further information, please contact:

Martin Ödman, CEO and President, Proact IT Group AB, tel +46 733 56 68 11, martin.odman@proact.eu
Peter Javestad, Vice President / IR, Proact IT Group AB, tel +46 733 56 67 22, peter.javestad@proact.eu

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Proact is Europe’s leading independent integrator in the fields of data storage and cloud solutions. Proact supplies business benefits by helping companies and authorities over the world to reduce risk and costs, and above all, to supply flexible, accessible and secure IT services.

Proact solutions cover all elements of data storage, including virtualisation, network functions and security, and the company has more than 3 500 successful projects behind it, along with vast information volumes which are managed at the Proact data centre.

The Proact Group has more than 660 employees and conducts business in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Proact was founded in 1994. Proact IT Group AB (publ), its Parent Company, has been listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm since 1999 under the symbol PACT.

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