Vilnius District Heating Company

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution stops attacks before they stop business operations Vilnius District Heating Company knew it needed to be fully prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so started to look more precisely at the security of its data and how that data is managed. The GDPR specifies that the data controller […]

Geis Group

Logistics service provider relies on Proact know-how for email security The global full-service logistics provider, Geis, with over 6,800 employees across Europe, handle around 100,000 e-mails every day. The e-mails can potentially be the transport for cyber attacks of all kinds. In order to minimise the security risk, Geis wanted to check each e-mail fully […]

Get AS

Perfect fit with Hyper-converged data centre solution When broadband and digital TV provider Get decided to invest in an all-new business intelligence platform, the company accepted that its data centre required a substantial upgrade. Proact designed and delivered a hyper-converged solution that combined high performance with simple management, while also integrating with Get’s existing IT […]