Did you get into IT to fix leaky pipes?

“We joined the NavyTo see the worldAnd what did we see?We saw the sea”- Irving Berlin, Follow the Fleet The Navy isn’t the only profession where the promises of recruiters fail to match the mundane realities of the daily grind. Take IT, for example. Most people become technologists because they want to use their skills […]

Building a successful hybrid cloud strategy

Cloud was once the answer to every IT problem that an organisation faced. Now, it’s more likely to be the source of questions and confusion, as marketing hype around “hybrid cloud” obscures the benefits that cloud should be bringing to the enterprise. Sometimes it seems like the true meaning of hybrid cloud has got lost […]

No hiding place from cybersecurity threats

The invisible threads that hold our modern technological society also represent one of our key weaknesses. The web of IT networks, the proliferation of connected devices and our ever-growing reliance on mobile devices all combine to make a tempting and often easy-to-exploit target for cybercriminals. We’re all vulnerable to malware, hacking (either by individuals, gangs […]